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From left to right; Dennis DiPallo, Jim Hornung (Commissioner of Buffalo & Erie County Parks), Dave Thomas (Athletic Director of Buffalo Public Schools), Michael Locurto (Buffalo Councilman), Charles Griffasi (President of International All-Star Sports Council), Richard A Fontana (Buffalo Common Council Majority Leader), Lynn M Marinelli (Erie County Legislator Majority Leader), Michael Kearns (Buffalo Councilman), Peter Jeribko (Athletic Director Erie Community College)
Why Choose
Using proven methods from their own personal experience of scholarship success, this organization will put together the ultimate package that will maximize awareness of your athletic talent. This team knows everything there is about college scholarships, athletic recruiting videos, NCAA rules, and more. Proper research and application is vital to being awarded a scholarship.

How they embody B•A Sport
This program doesn't just use the individuals athletic talent, but also promotes the overall character of the student-athlete - on and off the field -
showing colleges why they not only need them on their team, but need them representing their school throughout the rest of the individuals life.

**This quality is overlooked by most recruiting firms, giving an added advantage to applying through
• College Scholarships
• Financial Aid
Participating Organizations
Below, you will find organizations around the nation that share and promote the B•A Sport philosophy day in and day out.
Next to each group, you will see a brief background of that organization, as well as how they promote sportsmanship on and off the field.
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